Four Reasons Why Pin back-Buttons are Great for Marketing


You have probably seen a bunch of these pin-back buttons, chances are you may even have a couple of them in your drawers and closets at home. Pin-back buttons have been around for a long time. They are not only used in politics but in a variety of other fields as well. In fact, these buttons date back to the time when George Washington was president of the American Republic. That is back in 1789. In the 1960s and 1970s however, these buttons started being used to advertise and promote various caused. Detailed here are some four reasons why the pin-back buttons are an awesome marketing tool.


People do not like things that will break their pockets. However, all sorts of businesses can use such buttons, whether big or small. Business owners love buying the custom buttons simply because they are not expensive. Actually, with these buttons the more one buys, the more you get to save. Politicians also love using them to market themselves because they do not need a huge budget to hand out several buttons at rallies.

They are Timeless

The good thing about pinback buttons is that they can never get old. You can get custom buttons in different antique shops that date back to up to ten years ago. Most people who collect pinback buttons have been known to collect custom buttons that have been used to promote products such as gum, cereals, alcohol or cigarettes that were there in the past. In today’s advertisement world, most business people try to make sure that they make the best custom pinback buttons for their products. They do this by giving the buttons the best designs and catchphrases so that they can remain timeless throughout history.

They travel quickly

When you decide to use custom buttons for advertisement you can be sure that they will reach most of your potential clients. Due to their small sizes, custom buttons are very effective because the act like mini billboards. Satisfied clients get to parade them throughout town and this catches the attention of other potential clients.

They Act as Emotional Triggers

The reason why buttons are known as emotional triggers is that most people tend to preserve them. You will get people who have kept their buttons that remind them of special events or days in their lives. Most companies use buttons for advertisement because they are aware of the effect that such items have on people. For example, some satisfied clients go to an extent of preserving pinbacks from their favorite companies.


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